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AskHQ: Clicking fetlocks

Q: My horse’s fetlocks click when I pick up his feet. What could it be?  A: Clicking joints and fetlocks are fairly common in horses, and are generally speaking nothing to worry about. Clicking joints in horses are very similar to clicking joints like knuckles and knees in humans, where sudden expansion of the joint […]

Flat feet

Flat-footedness is a common issue that many horse owners and farriers face on a regular basis. It is most commonly found in Thoroughbreds. Flat feet develop as a result of genetics, conformation problems, poor physical condition, poor nutrition, lack of hoof care or early shoeing. Long toes and under-run heels go hand-in-hand with flat feet. […]

Signs of health

One of the best ways to be sure that your horse is healthy is to get to know him. Watch your horse in the stable, when he is eating and drinking and when he is out in the paddock grazing. If you get to know your horse’s habits and traits, and also get used to […]

What is a warmblood?

A warmblood is a middle-weight horse which was originally bred for riding, and in some cases pulling a carriage. Most warmblood lines originated in Europe and as their middling weight suggests that fall somewhere on the spectrum between a hotblooded racing horse and a coldblooded draft horse. Warmbloods tend to be far more laid back […]

Top tips for leg longevity

A horse’s legs and feet are his most important assets…If you don’t look after them – you don’t have a horse. Below are our seven top tips for long-lasting legs: Ground conditions – what is the condition of the ground your horse is working on? Be very careful working your horse on hard or rutted […]

Planning your show calender

The beginning of every year is an excellent time to reflect on your horse and your riding and ask yourself, “Why do I do this sport?” Whether you’re a happy hacker, an amateur or a professional, you will have no doubt experienced ups and downs in your journey as a rider or as an owner. […]

Know your nosebands

A guideline to finding the best fit Text: Charlotte Bastiaanse Photography: Tack ‘n Togs, Kreuz Galopp The noseband is a conventional piece of tack that we as riders often overlook. As with all tack pieces, the noseband you decide to use on your horse should be carefully chosen based on a sound understanding of what […]