Monthly Archives: March 2019

Top tips for leg longevity

A horse’s legs and feet are his most important assets…If you don’t look after them – you don’t have a horse. Below are our seven top tips for long-lasting legs: Ground conditions – what is the condition of the ground your horse is working on? Be very careful working your horse on hard or rutted […]

Planning your show calender

The beginning of every year is an excellent time to reflect on your horse and your riding and ask yourself, “Why do I do this sport?” Whether you’re a happy hacker, an amateur or a professional, you will have no doubt experienced ups and downs in your journey as a rider or as an owner. […]

Know your nosebands

A guideline to finding the best fit Text: Charlotte Bastiaanse Photography: Tack ‘n Togs, Kreuz Galopp The noseband is a conventional piece of tack that we as riders often overlook. As with all tack pieces, the noseband you decide to use on your horse should be carefully chosen based on a sound understanding of what […]