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Product Spotlights

CalmEze Eq


An oral gel for stress and anxiety in horses. It can be used during training or competition to help reduce anxiety and thereby maximise performance. It contains 3 doses for a 500 kg horse. For best results dose the night before and again 1 to 2 hours before training or competing


Product Spotlights

Bug Buster Product Feature


The Amigo Bug Buster is a fantastic fly rug offering superb value for money. It is made from a soft knitted polyester outer material, and includes a removable hood.  This rug is both ultra-breathable and provides added protection with a supersized tail flap as well as extra depth to allow the rug to be wrapped under the belly. Patented leg arches as well as a 3rd surcingle have been included to ensure a closer fit and greater protection. Make your horse a no fly zone with the Amigo Bug Buster.


What is #HQHack1000?

#HQHack1000 is a countrywide equestrian challenge. The goal is to hack 1000km in your chosen horse-rider combination. This can be done over any time period and we will be running this challenge online and in the magazine for the next year. Competitive riders across the country have joined with us to make this project an exciting reality. We all know that hacking has huge mental and physical benefits for our horses, whether they be top competition-level mounts or simply happy hacks. This project aims to encourage us all to get out and about and share our horseback experiences.

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There are simple ways that we can all contribute to making the lives of horses better. Simply donate to your chosen charity organisation and help care for the animals in need!